Marin Y’s Devil’s Gulch Summer Camp – 2017

Marin YMCA Devils Gulch Summer Camp

2017 Enrollment Now Open!

As our school year comes to an end, our local Novato YMCA want to take a moment to share with you a very exciting summer camp opportunity that the Marin YMCA is proud to offer.  

Devil’s Gulch Camp is the Marin Y’s only outdoor education camp.

This day camp is from 8am to 4:30pm with a shuttle from both the Marin Y and Nicasio Elementary school.

Devil’s Gulch Camp is located in Nicasio on a working ranch consisting of 85 acres.

The day begins with working with the various farm animals including pigs, chickens, pigeons, goats, and horses.

There is also a garden where we grow various veggies throughout the summer.

After working in the morning with the animals, the kids transition to other camp activities such as archery, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and various other activities such as pottery and felting with sheep’s wool.

The Marin Y is very fortunate in the fact that the property where the camp is held shares a border with Samuel P. Taylor Park which allows for access to amazing hiking trails.  Needless to say, there is rarely a dull moment and there are many campers who enjoy attending multiple sessions in a summer.

Please click HERE for the Marin YMCA Devils Gulch registration page!

Here are some photos of the camp from last summer: